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 Resin pokeball charms tutorial!

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PostSubject: Resin pokeball charms tutorial!   Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:06 pm

Well really, I've never done this before so I hope they turn out well! Surprised

So here it goes!

Your supply list!

Pokeball specific supplies:
Circular mold for resin casting
Glitter paper, or loose glitter, or both (like me!) red and white (i suggest using a combination of both, or using all glitter paper)
Black paint

General resin supplies:
Clear resin and hardener (whatever your favorite brand is)
Cup to mix resin in
Stick to mix resin
Mold putty or Polymer clay
Baby powder or Cornstarch

Here's the red glitter paper I will be using. I found it in the scrapbooking section of Michael's. It was $2 per sheet, so it's a little expensive, but when you think about how many times you can use it, it's not that bad! :|

Here's my white glitter! I always use the little bitty glitter, I just don't like the way that the bigger glitter flakes look. Smile

Here's the tray I bought. It was $0.99 at Michael's! Very Happy

Here's the mold putty I use. It's sculpey brand mold putty and clay conditioner. Cool

Here's some BABY POWDER, in case you didn't know what it looks like. Laughing

First, take your putty, and take a piece that's about the same size as your mold, and cover it in baby powder.

Then fit it into your mold as CLOSELY as possible to the exact size of the mold! tongue

Pop out the piece of clay, and trace it on the back of your glitter paper. Mine is a little wobbly, but it's okay, they look fine in the end! You can also use this method to make perfect cut outs of fabric or of paper to back any resin charm!

Cut out as many circles as you need, and cut them in half. It's a good idea to make one extra, so you can use it for a stencil later, and you don't have to use the putty trick more than once for each shape. Smile

Mix your resin and pour it into your molds JUST shy of the very edge. (If you need instructions on how to mix your resin, refer to your box, and instructions, or you can look on youtube for tons of tutorials.) Make as many as you'd like. I made 4 because uh. . . that's how much resin I poured out! Embarassed

After about 6-7 hours, your resin will be really tacky, but not dry. When this happens you can paint on your black! Put a lot of paint on a small brush, and paint the lines first. If you don't put enough paint, your brush will drag on the tacky resin.

Next draw in your circle in the middle. . .

Looking good!

Cut out a small half circle in your red sparkle paper pieces. test fit it over top of your pokeball, and adjust. Each one is slightly different (unless you're amazing!) so each piece will have to be cut a little differently. Just make sure that the red doesn't cross the black line anywhere! Smile

Once you have a good fit, GENTLY press the sparkle paper into place. Make sure it sticks but dont press too hard or you will mess up your lines!

Then pour glitter over the rest!

Then let it sit and harden over night. . . (updates in the morning!)

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Resin pokeball charms tutorial!
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